Help in dataset for object detection in videos

Hi all I am a student , and I have this Object Detection Project on video, i really need help I am so depressed I almost never sleep for last week , i am trying to solve the problem with my Weapon Dataset Its Dataset for detecting weapons in videos, i did everything i can , annotating with bound box almost 4000 images and still, when i train in colab, the detection is very very bad whether in images or in video its disastor, if you have any ideas i really appreciate it
like this image it either give me very low confince or doesnt even detect it or give me in the bound box another object class,

Hi @mo_t1 - you will want to include more images within your project that resemble the images or video you would like to run inference (tests) on with a deployed model.

Gun detection is difficult as guns come in many shapes, sizes, and even colors. Don’t feel depressed. You’re on the right track!

More resources to help with improving your dataset and run inference with video:

Here’s more context on the process to implement active learning to improve your dataset: