2 bound boxes for same object

1- I have an object Detection , project, using roboflow , on google chrome,
2- I made model in roboflow and trained it in Google Colab
but the detection always has the problem like this image

why I don’t know give 2 round boxes each with different object name

Hi @mo_t1, it looks like your model has two classes it has trouble differentiating between.

I recommend implementing Active Learning and taking more examples of the PKS and RPG classes, as well as this example image, and from there:

  1. upload them to Roboflow
  2. Annotate the images
  3. Generate a new version of your dataset
  4. Retrain your model
  5. Retest your model on a similar image, and more images, and repeat the process to root out errors and raise the confidence level on all detections
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