Feature Request - UNITY Plug-in for the Roboflow API

I’m a new user of Roboflow, but I must admit that the flow of how you manage various datasets → training a model is superb.

A big part of my job is to prototype various experiences, to which I like to use Unity as my “do it all” tool. And with Unity entering the ML/AI space with their Perception package (which I saw you already covered), I was hoping that you’d be able to close to loop and also include API support for deployment via an official plug-in.

Anyways, I might be dreaming. But would love to hear your thoughts or take any links with suggestions on how I potentially might achieve this myself.

Quick update:
Using the .net examples it was surprisingly easy to implement the Roboflow API in my Unity test project. Now I just have to find a way to limit the inference calls so I can keep using it without burning my credits too quick.

Reaching out to you via email so we can learn more about the project and help out on the limits! Thanks so much for sharing.


Perfect. I added something to your calendar. Talk soon.

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