Failed Custom YOLOv7-seg Weights Upload

Hello everyone. I have trained a yolov7-seg model with the workflow recommended by Roboflow. However, when I uploaded my custom weights to the workspace, the process failed. I would like to know if I could get the error logs and have a closer look at the problems. Thank you.

Hello, could anyone help me please?

Hi @lester1027

Model upload errors usually occur when the notebook used was altered in an incompatible way, has an outdated version of a required package installed, or hasn’t completed.

Could you generate a new version and try again? If this problem persists, could you share the notebook link, as well as your project’s Universe link or workspace & project ID?

This is the link of my project. Thank you.

Hi @lester1027, did it occur again after trying with a new version?

Yes, it occurred again and again even after many trials.

Hi @lester1027

Could you both share your copy of the notebook that you are using? (If you share the link itself, it will share a blank one)

You can do this by saving a copy to your Google Drive, then click Share (next to the comment button in the upper right corner) and Copy Link. Make share to change the sharing settings so that anyone can view.


Dear @leo

Thank you for your reply. This is the link to the notebook I used.

I augmented the dataset locally on my computer. However, the format of the training folder is the same as the one shown in Roboflow’s yolov7 segmentation tutorial.

Thank you.

Hello, is there any update? Thank you.

@leo Could you please help me? Thank you very much.

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