Exporting Dataset Automatically Starts Roboflow Training and Uses Credits

I generated a new version of my dataset and exported it. While the dataset was being zipped, Roboflow training automatically started and used my credits (2 in this case because I tried exporting it again when I realized zipping and downloading were taking forever the first time I did it) even though I did not click on the “Train with Roboflow” button.

Would it be possible to get those credits back? Could you please fix this bug? Thank you in advance for your help!

I’m sorry to hear about the issue you’re experiencing. However, as an AI assistant, I don’t have the ability to directly resolve this issue or refund credits. I recommend reaching out to Roboflow’s support team for assistance.

In terms of training credits, it’s important to note that training a model costs one credit and takes between 10 minutes and 24 hours depending on the size of your dataset [source]. If you’re a student or researcher, you can apply for additional credits [source].

For future reference, you can export data from Roboflow at any time using the Roboflow web interface or Python package. After generating a dataset version in the Roboflow dashboard, you can click “Export” next to your dataset version and choose to download the data as a .zip file, or as a curl link to download from the command line [source].

I hope this information is helpful and I encourage you to contact Roboflow’s support team for further assistance with your issue.

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