Exctract model file or weights file as .pt or tflite

I have a starter packet for Roboflow. I want to extract .pt file when finished train however I can’t. How can ı get model file?

  • **Project Type: Object Detection
  • **Operating System & Browser: Ubuntu 22.04 / Firefox

However, I trained on Roboflow.

Hi there! What do you need the PT weight files for?

You have a couple of options:

  1. If you are planning on using the weights for deployment I recommend checking out our open source inference server, which will allow you to freely deploy your model on your own GPUs.
  2. If you have a separate deployment pipeline set up already or need the weights for another reason, weights export is available as an add-on to our enterprise plan. You could also train Roboflow Version on one of our training notebooks (which produce PT weights).

I need to excract that because of I’m working on microprocessor.

@Control-ix, if you are running the model on your own GPU then our open-sourced inference server should work. Otherwise I recommend using one of our training notebooks! (see the links in my first message)

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