Error loading model using Roboflow Mobile iOS SDK

I’m building an iOS app which uses object detection model (yolov8). I’ve already trained my model and uploaded the weights on roboflow. The model is available here: Sign in to Roboflow

But, when I’m trying to load the model using swift with this code:

import Foundation
import Roboflow
import SwiftUI

class RoboflowManager: ObservableObject{
    @Published var model : RFObjectDetectionModel?
    private let rf = RoboflowMobile(apiKey: "API_KEY")
            await loadModel()
    private func loadModel() async{
        let (loadedModel, loadError, _, _) = await rf.load(model: "MODEL", modelVersion: MODEL_VERSION)
        if let error = loadError{
            print("Error loading model : \(error)")
            loadedModel!.configure(threshold:0.5, overlap:0.8, maxObjects: 2)
            self.model = loadedModel
    func detect(image: UIImage) async -> [RFObjectDetectionPrediction]?{
        guard let model = model else{
            print("Model not loaded")
            return nil
        let (predictions, detectError) = await model.detect(image: image)
        if let error = detectError{
            print("Error detecting objects: \(error)")
            return nil
            return predictions

I have the following error raised :

 No Model Found. Trying Again.
Error Loading Model. Check your API_KEY, project name, and version along with your network connection.

I obviously checked several times and the data are correct.
Note that I have the same issue when using python and Pycharm on my local device. BUT, when I’m trying to load the model using Google Colab it finally works.
I hope someone will have an answer to my question.