Error deploying roboflow model to IOS app using swift SDK

Hello, I am new to the roboflow community and I am trying to deploy a model (specifically this one: Playing Cards Object Detection Dataset and Pre-Trained Model by Augmented Startups) to my IOS device.

I followed the instructions in the Roboflow Swift SDK github README and was able to build my app and install it on my device using xCode, however, I get the following error when the app builds:

Error: Could not find data for key playing-cards-ow27d

Failed to parse the model specification. Error: Field number 7 has wireType 4, which is not supported.

I load the model in the following way in my swift code:

rf.load(model: “playing-cards-ow27d”, modelVersion: 4) { [self] model, error, modelName, modelType in
mlModel = model
if error != nil {
print(error?.localizedDescription as Any)
} else {
model?.configure(threshold: 0.5, overlap: 0.8, maxObjects: 10)

I confirmed that the model ID and version number are both correct, I would really appreciate some help debugging this issue!

Free users are only allowed 1 CoreML deploy. I’ve added an additional CoreML deploy to your account. Can you try again to see if this solves the issue?

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