Detections object has no attribute "from_yolov8"

Hello All,
when I ran the program counting and tracking objects using Supervision, I got the error as in the image below. Could anyone help me fix it, please? Thank you in advance.

I’m sorry, but as an AI, I’m unable to view or interpret images. However, I can help you troubleshoot common issues with the Supervision library.

One common issue mentioned in the forum post is an AttributeError: module ‘supervision’ has no attribute ‘get_video_frames_generator’. If this is the error you’re encountering, it might be due to changes in the Supervision API as it’s still in beta.

If you’re using a different version of Supervision, you might want to try installing the specific version mentioned in the blog post:

pip install supervision==0.1.0

If you’re still encountering issues, I recommend checking out the Supervision documentation or the Roboflow help pages for more information. You can also refer to the example notebooks provided in the blog post for guidance.

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Thank you for your reply, the version of Supervision I installed is 0.16.0, is this version better or worse than 0.1.0? Thank you!

Hi @Nhân_Dương_Sĩ

Newer versions have a higher number, and newer versions are better :smile:

Supervision depreciated the from_yolov8 method in favor of from_ultralytics. If you just replace that part, it should work.

Did you get that code from one of our examples, blog posts, or other content from us? If so, if you could share it so we can update it, we’d appreciate it.

Also, I highly recommend looking at the docs.

Thank you for your reply but in the program I use, from_yolov8 and from_ultralytics are completely different, I’ve tried each and only from_yolov8 works in the program.

The code I use is from the video named " YOLOv8 native tracking | Step-by-step tutorial | Tracking with Live Webcam Stream".

Hi @Nhân_Dương_Sĩ

Are you saying that from_ultralytics is not working? If so, could you try updating to the latest version of Supervision using:

pip install --upgrade supervision

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