AttributeError: module 'supervision' has no attribute 'Detection'

Hello All, I am getting
AttributeError: module ‘supervision’ has no attribute ‘Detection’

please help

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Based on the information provided in the extracts, it seems like you’re trying to use a ‘Detection’ attribute from the ‘supervision’ module, but it’s not recognized. This could be due to a few reasons:

  1. The ‘Detection’ attribute might not exist in the version of ‘supervision’ you’re using. The extracts mention the use of ‘supervision’ version 0.1.0. You can install this specific version using the following command:
pip install supervision==0.1.0

(Source: Roboflow Blog)

  1. You might be trying to use an attribute or method that doesn’t exist in the ‘supervision’ module. The extracts provided don’t mention a ‘Detection’ attribute. You might want to double-check the attribute or method you’re trying to use.

  2. There could be an issue with how you’re importing the ‘supervision’ module or its components. Make sure you’re importing the necessary components correctly. For example:

from import VideoInfo
from import VideoSink
from import get_video_frames_generator

(Source: Roboflow Blog)

If you’re still having issues, I recommend checking the Supervision documentation or the Supervision GitHub page for more detailed information.

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Hello aravi_kravi
Could you please give a detailed description of the code you wrote , or paste a snippet of the code , including the imports , better if you could share the snippet in colab ipynb, so that we can have a look and help you with the solution.
Thank you

Hi :wave:! I believe you already asked that question on GitHub - AttributeError: module 'supervision' has no attribute 'Detection' · roboflow/supervision · Discussion #451 · GitHub. but let me answer it here as well. You have a typo. It is Detections not Detection.