Deploy from Colab to Roboflow not working anymore

We are having problems when we deploy back from Colab to Roboflow.

There isn’t any error on the Colab side when running:

project.version(dataset_version).deploy(model_type=“yolov8”, model_path=f"{HOME}/runs/detect/train/")

But the model is not available to run on Roboflow, it shows:


Your uploaded model will be ready to use soon!

But it has been like that for days.

Hi @phgimenez

Sorry to hear you’re having issues. It looks like your model upload failed. When you deployed/uploaded the model, did you receive this message?

Yes. The message is the same as before. I’m attaching a picture.

Hi @phgimenez

Have you tried uploading the model again? Does the model work when you infer against it?

I have the problem with two different trained versions. If I try to open the Deploy tab, there is an error in the browser console and it never finishes loading.

Hi @phgimenez

Were the two trained versions both on our YOLOv8 notebook? Also, could you share the workspace, project ID and version (if relevant) that you are having issues with?

We’d like to try and replicate the issue to help you solve it as quickly as possible.

Hi @phgimenez!

We just pushed a fix for newer v8 models. Could you give this another try?