Data.yaml not present when exported for YOLOv5 classification

I’m working on a YOLOv5 project and have run into a roadblock: the data.yaml file, necessary for training, is missing. I’m using Windows with Chrome. I noticed a previously closed forum thread on this issue but it didn’t have a resolution. Has anyone faced and solved this problem? I’d appreciate any tips on how to proceed or rectify this issue.

  • Project Type: Image Classification
  • Operating System & Browser: Windows, Chrome
  • Project Universe Link or Workspace/Project ID: vsnehit999/3bands-classification/1

Hi @snehit_vaddi

Sorry you’re having trouble. I saw the ID of your project and checked it, and found that it was a classification project.

If that is correct and you are trying to train a YOLOv5 classification model, as outlined in the steps of our training notebook for YOLOv5 classification, this process uses a folder structured data in order to train the model. It does not require a data.yaml file, as would be required in a object detection or instance segmentation training.

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