Custom model predictions + SAM masks

I’ve created my first new custom model after a while…And my idea was to use it for creating bounding box, which it does pretty well, but the problem is that I want to create smart polygons from these bounding boxes. To do so, I had based on the tutorial of grounding dino + SAM of Roboflow tutorial in youtube, however, the problem is that, there is sth wrong because from the first output how all boxes looks to the final output (after all the predictions have been passed to SAM) looks different, is like all boxes have been moved to the top left corner… I’m going to share the link of my google colab. Pls, I need some help.

Hi @David_Garcia

Could you provide us with more details? Smart Polygon is a feature in Roboflow that assists you with labeling polygons, but it sounds like you have an object detection model.

If you could elaborate on what you’re trying to acomplish, that would be very helpful in assisting you.

Also, if you could share the YouTube video you’re referencing and alter the permission for the Colab you linked, since it is not public and can’t be viewed, that’d help us too.