Bulk convert boxes to smart Polygons

I’ve been using the automated tool to convert boxes to smart polygons, and it’s mostly been working brilliantly. The only problem comes if I don’t notice the “saving” cloud in the bottom left.

I was wondering though if it’s possible to do it in bulk for like 100 images at a time?

Yes, you can speed up the conversion of bounding boxes to polygons by letting SAM (Segment Anything Model) convert all bounding boxes to polygons. This is an option you can use when you know SAM performs well with your custom data. However, the extracts do not provide specific steps on how to do this in bulk for multiple images at a time. For more detailed instructions, you may want to refer to the Roboflow documentation or reach out to Roboflow’s support team.

Source: Roboflow Blog

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Thanks, that’s what I’m doing - running SAM on each image to convert the boxes. Problem is it’s 2 seconds to run + 20 seconds to save per image, and I’d rather it be something I can run in the background then inspect later

Also, the tool keeps forgetting what I have done and I have to redo it!