Hello! What does 1 credit mean? Does it mean I can train my model before it will reach a necessary accuracy or it will expire after just one cycle of training?

In Roboflow, 1 credit is equivalent to one model training session. When you create a workspace, you are given 3 Roboflow Train credits. Training a model costs one credit and the duration of the training can vary between 10 minutes and 24 hours, depending on the size of your dataset. The credit does not relate to the accuracy of the model or the number of training cycles, but rather it is used for a single training session regardless of the outcome.

If you need more credits, you can upgrade your plan or contact the Roboflow sales team. There are also options for students, researchers, and hobbyists to acquire additional credits.

For more information, you can refer to these sources: Roboflow Help, Roboflow Documentation, and Roboflow Blog.

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1 training point is equivalent to training a model one time, this could be any amount of images, could be 28 could be 200. So make sure you have lots of good data to use when you use your training point as better data means a better model!

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