Class renaming doesn't work

So, I make some changes in my classes:

Then I see the result of generated new version:

Then I check real result:

Then I check real result:

So, how it work’s?

P.S. I can’t upload more then 1 img for reasone: new user

Hi @polka1

It looks like you are using Ultralytics Hub. Although Ultralytics is a partner and we do have integrations with them, in general, we do not provide support here on the forum for platforms other than Roboflow.

The integration with Hub sends the project, not the version. The remap feature only applies to training with Roboflow. I don’t believe that Ultralytics Hub has a way to omit or remap, but that’s something you should reach out to their support for.

Thanks for the answer!

I understand correctly that I need to download a dataset with the selected version and manually upload it to the Hub?

You should add the ability to delete classes at the labeling stage. For example:

I download from the first group of marked pictures with classes:
0 - a car, 1 - an airplane, 2 - a person. I load the second group, and there is a different class logic:
0 - a person, 1 - an airplane, 2 - a car.

And I can’t merge those values ​​with your existing tool.

This is a very big minus, it’s a pity that the business logic was not immediately thought out in this place

Hi @polka1

Yes, that is correct, and thank you for the feedback. I’ll make sure to relay that to the team.