Bulk updating of image annotations

This is a two-part question:

  1. I have a dataset that I would like work with for both object detection and multiclass classification problems. Will I have to upload the same set of images twice, or is there a way to version the dataset such that they can be used for both types of projects?

  2. For this dataset the object detection annotations and multiclass labels will be provided as Tensor Flow Object Detection CSV and Multiclass Classification CSV files, respectively. I believe that if I include the annotations as part of the initial upload that the annotations will be available in RF. However, what if I update either of the CSV files and want to re-assign all of the annotations for all the images? Can I use the upload API for this? The examples in the documentation seem to assume a 1:1 correspondence between images and annotation files (i.e., annotations are stored as stand-alone files). In this case all of my images will already be uploaded to RF and I just want to over right ALL the annotations with whatever is included with the updated CSV files (i.e., a single CSV file would have annotations for all the images in the dataset).

Thanks for any suggestions!