Bounding box move after generating dataset to export dataset

I created a dataset in which I have over 300 images with 30 classes. Unfortunately, after drawing bounding boxes and creating the dataset I generate dataset without any options like preprocessing or augmentation options. Unfortunetly, after dataset generation is done, I move to versions option to export and download dataset or even train it online but most of bounding boxes in my dataset picture are moved to another location. here is some pics:

Dataset in versions option to export (after generation): as you see most of bounding boxes moved to the dark side blank space.

Hope you can help me with this issue.

To the Admins and moderator of roboflow,

please help and give me some solution to the issue happened to me on roboflow platform.

thank you in advance

You’ll want to add Auto-Orient as a preprocessing step if you haven’t already (for dataset generation)