Autodistill disconnects when data has been tagged

trying to load grounding dino directly
final text_encoder_type: bert-base-uncased
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loading Roboflow workspace…
loading Roboflow project…

Labeling /content/svarm/mexican-license-plate/6Ys9n8lUQ0MyD7TUtjid/images/AIsnyPIdPLO5Y8XxTjii.jpg: 0%| | 0/356 [00:00<?, ?it/s]The device argument is deprecated and will be removed in v5 of Transformers.
torch.utils.checkpoint: please pass in use_reentrant=True or use_reentrant=False explicitly. The default value of use_reentrant will be updated to be False in the future. To maintain current behavior, pass use_reentrant=True. It is recommended that you use use_reentrant=False. Refer to docs for more details on the differences between the two variants.
None of the inputs have requires_grad=True. Gradients will be None
Labeling /content/svarm/mexican-license-plate/6Ys9n8lUQ0MyD7TUtjid/images/WnBhdkRrT5Mi2NxY7wqh.jpg: 100%|██████████| 356/356 [03:03<00:00, 1.94it/s]

ValueError Traceback (most recent call last)

in <cell line: 20>()
18 )
—> 20 sync_with_roboflow(
21 workspace_id=“PMv83LcAHvgRt1pnKD1affxD0Ua2”,
22 workspace_url=“svarm”,

4 frames

/usr/local/lib/python3.10/dist-packages/supervision/dataset/formats/ in detections_to_yolo_annotations(detections, image_shape, min_image_area_percentage, max_image_area_percentage, approximation_percentage)
195 ) → List[str]:
196 annotation =
→ 197 for xyxy, mask, _, class_id, _ in detections:
198 if mask is not None:
199 polygons = approximate_mask_with_polygons(

ValueError: too many values to unpack (expected 5)

Based on the information provided in the extracts, it seems like you’re trying to load a model using the Grounding DINO prompt comparison example. However, the error message you’re encountering suggests that there might be an issue with the way you’re unpacking values in your code.

Unfortunately, the extracts provided do not contain specific information on how to resolve this error. It’s recommended to check the official documentation or the source code of the function you’re using to ensure you’re correctly unpacking the values.

For more detailed guidance, you might want to refer to the Roboflow API documentation here or the Grounding DINO example provided here.

Please note that this advice is based on the information available in the extracts and might not fully solve your issue. If the problem persists, consider reaching out to the Roboflow community or support for more specific assistance.

Hi! I’m Roboflow’s AI powered bot. This is an automated response powered using AI with knowledge from our docs, blog, and forum. If this solves your issue, please mark it as the solution using the checkbox icon. If this doesn’t solve your issue, please follow up with what you’ve tried/why, and the community will continue to chime in as usual.

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