Error while importing roboflow

I had trained an object detection model on Roboflow using 1000 images.
While the model got successfully trained and I am able to visualize the inference on a test image uploaded from local, I am not able to use the inference API using a python script.

After performing pip install roboflow, In a jupyter notebook, when i try the code as mentioned in the documentation, the following error is thrown.

Can someone please help me with this? I cannot seem to find the solution online.

  1. Project type (Object detection)
  2. OS - Win 11, Browser - Edge

Same issue here on a new install of the roboflow package.

To the original poster, version 0.2.34 will import successfully and download Roboflow datasets at least:

pip install roboflow==0.2.34

I’m not sure if the desired functionality is in this version to you, but it worked for my purposes.

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Thank you so much! <3

You can also use pip install -U roboflow or pip install --upgrade roboflow to upgrade to the latest version of the package

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