Applied for Educational credits

Hi there, I applied to credits for education (student), but I have not received any emails about it yet. I think I applied about 2 weeks ago. How long does the application process usually take?

Hi @frescoextra

We don’t have a set timeline for applying educational credits, but we’ve reviewed your request and you should have the increased limits or added credits in your workspace.

If you are writing a research paper, we’d love for you to credit and mention us and share your work in Show & Tell!

Hi there,

I still don’t see an increase in limits for my workspace. Can you please help me with that? Thanks

Hi @frescoextra

I’ve updated them again. Please let me know if you still experience issues

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Hi @leo
Looks like its working now, thank you! I was also curious about access to >3x image generation and the other features for augmentation/preprocessing—is that available for us as well? Having more than 3x image generation would be greatly useful for my project.


Hi @frescoextra

We generally don’t enable higher multiples of image generation since, while data augmentation can improve a model’s performance, it doesn’t overcome all the problems. Usually, adding more original (ie unaugmented) training data is more beneficial.

Could you share why you think it would be beneficial for your project?