Any option to filter roboflow universe datasets based on number of images?

Hello, is there a way I can filter search through Roboflow datasets based on number of images in the dataset? I can’t seem to filter by image number when searching.

In summary I want to try out some roboflow models but don’t want to trawl through search results with datasets of 50 images or so, I’m looking for datasets with a large number of images eg 10k+ images, but I can’t find a method to filter this way.

Any help much appreciated, many thanks.

Hi @pjcasanis

EDIT: Removed incorrect info about not being able to filter by images. See Emily’s answer

Could you tell me why you’re looking for datasets with a large number of images? Most of the time you don’t need a large number of images to train a well performing model.

I’m looking for two datasets for:

  • sports ball detection (fine if they are different datasets for tennis, basketball, soccer…etc)
  • dog detection

Due to the vastly different number of dog breeds and their poses (side on, front facing, back facing, crouched, lying down, running…etc) I really need a large dataset.

Same goes for sports ball as balls far away and balls near look very different, different colours, part obscured balls (eg on foot kicking or holding), balls moving at speed causing some motion blur…etc. This is another reason why this type of dataset needs to be large.

Please let me know any advice that you have.

Many Thanks


Hi Paul,

You can filter datasets by the number of images using images>[size]. For example, if you’re looking for datasets with at least 1000 dogs images, you can search dog images>1000.


ah yes, that works great. Many thanks

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