Train dataset more than 10000 image

I need to train more than 15,000 images, but the site does not support more than 10,000 images, so I ask for help in increasing the number of training images, knowing that I cannot pay the amount for the dataset that Over 10,000 photos
With Respect

Hi @muthana, we do support larger train jobs.

If you can submit a form on this page to Apply for Research Credits, I can get it reviewed, and set you up with higher limits without charge if the project qualifies:

Hello, I am a university researcher at Al-Mustansiriya University, Baghdad, Iraq. I am still working on an academic project on fire and smoke detection. My research project requires training more images of fire and smoke from various sources, but I found limits on the image sources as well as restrictions on the stages of image generation, so I asked the Roboflow team to help me complete the research project and allow me to add more training images as shown in the selection box that I chose above. With appreciation and thanks for helping me.

link to the workspace name

Hi @irshadali

We recently implemented a new automated research credit process. Head to Settings > Plan & Billing to choose expanded Training access or increased Image limits.

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