Universe search keyword guide?

This post is more a request for a guide and/or documentation. I’ve tried to search the universe for datasets that would be useful for my work on a number of occasions. To be quite frank, the search tool does not work in an intuitive manner and there is no clear way to filter my searches. For example, I would like to search for projects that have at least 1000 images and are instance segmentation annotations. How do I do that? Is there a guide on how to filter universe searches using keywords? There is 100k+ projects on roboflow, I cannot possibly look at them all.

Thank you for your input!

Please share the following so we may better assist you:

  1. Screen shot of your error

  2. Copy/Paste of your code

  3. What you’ve tried so far to debug

We don’t currently have documentation on this topic and thanks for letting us know it would be useful for you. Additional operators that become visible when interacting with the UI and can be used directly in search are:

  • Images (you’ll need to use this format: 1000>images)
  • Model (surfaces projects with trained models)
  • YOLOv8, YOLOv5 (surfaces projects with these specific models)
  • Object detection, Classification, Instance Segmentation, Semantic Segmentation (just like you’ve done in your search, it will show models of these types!)
  • like-tag (this lets you search by aggregate page categories)

The screenshot shows you’re searching by Metadata which will limit the scope of search to written words within the projects. If you change to Subject, it will broaden to take your search syntax into consideration with a broader selection of projects.

I’ve let our product team know about your interest in a way to see/access these functions!

@trevorhlynn thanks for getting back to me! I appreciate the tips. There is a meme somewhere about the users being stupid… I think we’ve all been trained to use search bars like they are google. When this is not the case, and there is not clear and obvious filters, a search bar can be quite frustrating. A guide would be much appreciate! or better yet, a filter tab. Best.

I totally get it! Not stupid at all, we just have not yet made UI elements to go along with the search syntax. Surely something we want to do in the future. I appreciate you messaging with your feedback, it helps us prioritize new features!