Annoying reshuffling of dataset when adding additional labels

I have a dataset with about 1000 labels. When you want to go through all these images to add or remove some annotations, you can do so only in batches of the size set in ‘Images per page’ on the dataset overview which has a maximum of 200 items, meaning that you can click on an image and then go to the next one with the arrow key, but only up to 200 items. After that you have to go back, go to the next page and then go through these.
The problem with this however is that roboflow often reshuffles the entire dataset when going back to the dataset overview if labels have been added or removed, which means you can’t go to the next page since you then would skip over some images since all of them have been reordered (so the first page contains now other images than before going over them). This makes it practically impossible to go over the entire dataset to add/remove labels

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Thanks for reporting; I’ve filed an internal bug report & flagged the engineer responsible for that part of the app.