Annotation changes made in 'Dataset' doesn't show up in 'Annotate'

Yesterday, I made some annotation changes to the images in the ‘Dataset’ section (on the left sidebar) because some of the labels had the wrong name. But those changes don’t show up when I click into the ‘Annotation’ section. Does anyone know why this is the case and how can I fix it.

Also, when I use YOLOv8 to train on the generated dataset, it prints out warnings saying that there are duplicate labels, e.g:

train: WARNING :warning: /content/dsagasdg-6/train/images/0037_png.rf.cf5b81c3cf63003e1453adf2d45a8944.jpg: 5 duplicate labels removed

Although I don’t think that it affects the training, I wonder why that is the case and whether it has anything to do with the inconsistency in labeling between the ‘Dataset’ and ‘Annotation’ section I described above.

Thanks in advance for any help.