Ability to move unannotated images out of a annotation batch

Hi Roboflow,

Are there any planes to add some bulk actions to the annotation pag, for example here

Our workflow is to upload videos in the system but it would be useful to just be able to click away a load of duplicate images that have still made it through our pre-upload motion filters.

My current work flow for the images I want to discard is ( I’m using label assist ) to hit N followed by Enter, which works but obviously is a bit slower than being able to either bulk action them before I’ve even started or post annotating.

The other alternative would be somehow have a configurable option I guess to make it so label assist defaults to “not annotated” rather than null



@Alan_Hollis - We’re thinking about adding dedupe buttons (both in the dataset and also in the annotation page).

Are there other bulk actions you’d want to see?

This is the main one, pretty new to RoboFlow so I am sure I’ll have more suggestions as I use your platform more :slight_smile:

It might be useful to be able to manually set the split on upload for our runs. At the moment I upload everything into train and then just use the existing split feature you have, but there are scenarios where I’d like to say, actually I definitely want these 20 images to go into the split xwhereas the rest can remain in train.

Just a note on de-dupe, the images here have been deduplicated before upload using a mix of background substitution and conventional motion detection but in our case we have to make the thresholds pretty low as a lot of our uploads are of small sized objects which we need to capture.