YOLOv8 Object Counting Class by Class in Real-Time

Hello all, I ran the sample program that counts objects in real-time with YOLOv8 successfully thanks to the video with the thumbnail below, and I applied it to my vehicles detection project, but I want to count objects class by class, which means the result displayed includes the amount of each vehicle type such as 8 cars, 10 motorbikes, 5 trucks, 2 buses… . Could anyone help me, please?

Hi @Nhân_Dương_Sĩ

That would involve processing the inference results by writing code, which we don’t help with on the Roboflow forum. I recommend searching online for other coding resources.

Hi @leo ,
Thank you for your reply, I’d like to know whether Supervision can help me in this case. Thank you!

Hi @Nhân_Dương_Sĩ

I don’t believe Supervision has a feature to count the number of times a class appears in a single detection. We have resources on counting in zones, like polygon zones or crossing lines, but I think counting classes might be a more straightforward process.

Hi @leo , I’m sorry for my late reply. When I analyzed the code in the counting object program, I noticed the 2 methods contributing to the result are ‘trigger’ from the PolygonZone class and ‘annotate’ from the PolygonZoneAnnotator class, and I realized that the definition of the ‘trigger’ method includes the Detections class that we can get class ids from to process each object class. In conclusion, I think that Supervision has no methods that can directly help me in this case, but I probably can add some code lines to do it. What do you think about this? Thank you.

Hi @Nhân_Dương_Sĩ

Yes, that would work. Alternatively, if you wanted to filter the classes themselves, you could also do that in supervision.

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