Workspace disappeared but not deleted


I haven´t used my account for two months. Now, re-accessing it, one of my workspaces disappeared.

A co-worker that I invited to the workspace could still see it but not the projects anymore since I removed him from those at some point.

He re-invited me to the workspace at least but since he does not have access to the projects anymore, I can also not see them.

I certainly did not delete the workspace or the projects and it is also suspicious that the workspace did exist at my co-workers account. But still, they disappeared for me.

Can you help me finding my projects again?

  • Project Type:
  • Operating System & Browser: Windows and Chrome
  • Project Universe Link or Workspace/Project ID: Ume University

Hi @Hannah_Kröger

Sorry to hear you’re having issues. That certainly shouldn’t be happening.

Can you clarify what you mean by disappeared? Does it show up on the list of workspaces?