Want to convert Private workspace to public

Hi Roboflow Team,

I want to convert my private workspace to a public. I sent a mail to hello@roboflow.com, but didn’t got any reply yet (about a week elapsed).

Please, resolve my issue ASAP. I am college student need to complete my major project by end of this month.

Workspace - xyz
Project - aruco-markers-detection
Sent to Workspace - school

Hi @Shiva_Baghel - your workspace was set to Public.

You’ll need to re-upload the project to a new project in the workspace if you’d like for it to be listed on Roboflow Universe, however. As the original project was made as a private one due to being in a Sandbox/Business workspace.

The best way to do this is to create a raw version of the project (use Auto-orient for preprocessing, and no other pre-processing or augmentation), generate that version, export in COCO JSON format, and upload to the desired “target” project. Whether that be in this same workspace, or another Public workspace you’ve already created.

@ Mohamed i have a similar problem but it is not solved yet
workspace is t1
project t1
kindly solve it as soon as possible