Video upload missing frames

I created a new project for object detection using the Roboflow web app and was trying to upload my dataset to the project. Since I have a video, I decided to upload that, specified the frame rate, then let Roboflow extract all the frames from my video. When the upload was finally completed, I saw many frames from my video had been uploaded which I was happy to see. But then I noticed the number of frames was significantly lower than I was expecting. I had expected ~3600 frames (1 min video at 60fps), but I only uploaded ~400 frames. Even when looking at the frame numbering created by Roboflow, I noticed that it was skipping many numbers (see image).

I then tested this again with an even shorter 20-second video. However, I was still missing some frames again although I was missing significantly less (got 242, expected 266).

Has anyone else had this issue or know how to fix it? I guess worst case I could extract the frames from the video myself and upload but I have many videos and would prefer if I could upload the video.

“1min video at 60fps”

There were likely lots of frames that looked very similar or the exact same. We do similarity filtering on upload to avoid upload of duplicate images.

Try a lower sample rate.