Using key points or skelton on object

hi again , Is it possible to make skelton for the gun so it get recognized better?
key points or anything can make detection easier?

Hi, I’m not sure keypoint would be the solution you’re looking for, but if you want to try it: Keypoint Annotations on Roboflow - Roboflow

Have you read any other research papers on gun detection for an idea on dataset curation methods to detect the specific gun types you’re looking for?

Adding more images that are like the guns you want your model to detect in your tests is the best way to go based on the issues you’re seeing. Object detection or instance segmentation would be my recommendations for project types.

Your current issue is with your model confidentially detecting a gun. Keypoint wouldn’t be a great choice on its own since there are so many different objects that can have key points in a similar orientation to a gun, and you’ll need expertise and experimentation on the best key points to choose/label. Your aim is also to simply identify guns, rather than the orientation of the guns.