Uploading images with annotation .txt files

I’m trying to upload image (chairs_135823_jpg.jpg) with annotation file (chairs_135823_jpg.txt) from folder. Before this, images had already been uploaded and marked up manually. And the class “chairs” already exists, it has index = 0

If the text file is like this:
0 0.50078125 0.503125 0.5140625 0.8
Then I get it:

The frame is correct, but the class name (“0”) is incorrect. And a new class “0” is added.

If the text file is like this:
chairs 0.50078125 0.503125 0.5140625 0.8

The frame is not correct, but the class name (“chairs”) is correct

I need the already existing “chairs” class to be used and the frame to be correct.

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I suggest adding .yaml file in there, you just need:

nc: 26 #number of classes

names: [class0,class1,class2,…]

#leave numbers in the txt files

Yes it works.
Thank you !

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