Universe Open Source Datasets unable to access

Project type: Object detection

Hi guys, I am trying to find open source datasets (labelled images) for my own CV project. When I found it, I am trying to access the dataset and ready to download it. However, I can only access those images but not the datasets in Universe. Here is the link of the open source project: https://universe.roboflow.com/new-workspace-pfts4/dbm-k28xz

Does anyone know why? Thanks

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Hey there!

Yes, we currently only support downloading a generated dataset. In this case, the projects you located are instances where images were added but a dataset was not generated. We do not currently enable downloading uploaded images unless they are in a dataset but I’ll make sure our team is aware of the need. If it is something we support in the future, I’ll be sure to let you know.

When looking for datasets, you’ll see a number next to the datasets tab:

Hi thank you for the reply.

How will the datasets be generated?

Is there anyway that I can contact the author of this project? So that if he/she is able to generate the datasets, I can request for it.

The owner of the project would need to take the images and go through the steps to Generate a dataset. This is a specific step in the process where they can apply preprocessing and augmentations which then creates a version of the dataset to be exported or used to train a model.

I can’t share the users personal information without their consent but I will see if they are open to generating a dataset!

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Hi thank you! Is there any reply from the author?

Not yet.

Does this dataset (similar subject) work for your needs? Diamond-Back Moths Dataset and Pre-Trained Model by School

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Hi @jhchee18 - the original images from the project are now available: DBM Object Detection Dataset (v4, original_raw-images) by new-workspace-pfts4

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@trevorhlynn @Mohamed , thank you so much for your help on this issue, I can now access the annotations and the images of the dataset. Very much appreciated! :pray: :pray:

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