Unable to detect and framed the objects when using video clip

When I tried to detect objects in the video clips, it seems that It did not frame the objects properly. However, when I uploaded an image, it successfully detected and framed the object. I am not sure what happened, as detecting and framing objects in videos worked fine before, but now it is not working anymore.

  1. Project type: Object detection

  2. The operating system & browser you are using and their versions
    2.1 Windows 11 Enterprise
    2.2 Google Chrome v.111.0.5563.65

  3. The screenshot of the error being triggered in your browser’s developer tools/console.

Thank you

More Screenshot

Can you add this bug report, along with the outputs from your devtools console to our external bug tracker?

We will transfer the bug report to our internal tracker, so our product team has visibility, and investigate the issue to fix it.