Till images

I am student and I marked a dataset. I need to tile dataset’s images but the option ‘Tile images’ is not activated. I am not using Roboflow in an enterprise context. How can I activate the option ‘Tile’ in dataset preprocessing task?
Thank you in advance.
Adília Alves

Hi @Adilia_Alves - is your dataset required to be private? I can switch you to a public workspace, where this feature is available by default.

The other option is to apply here for sponsorship, and I can activate the feature under a private workspace for the duration of the experiments/research: Contribute to the Computer Vision Community

No my dataset is not required to be private. How can I switch to a public workspace? Can you do it for me?
Thanks’ in advance.
Adília Alves

Mohamed Traore via Roboflow <notifications@roboflow1.discoursemail.com> escreveu no dia segunda, 13/03/2023 à(s) 11:45:

@Adilia_Alves I have converted your project and workspace. The Tile feature is now available.