Tensorflow and Google Colab

Project type: Object detection
OS: Ubuntu 18.04
Browser: Google Chrome

Attempting to use the Google Colab: Google Colab
To create a .blob file to use with an OAK-D camera

Google Colab no longer supports tensorflowV1. The colab prompts me to install V1, but colab won’t allow it. Unfortunately, the line

!python3 convert_weights_pb.py --weights_file /content/darknet/backup/custom-yolov3-tiny-detector_best.weights --class_names /content/darknet/data/obj.names --data_format NHWC --tiny

requires tensorflowV1.

I have tried using pip as a work around to install tensorflowV1, but still get errors. I have tried using tensorflowV2, but get errors with the convert_weights_pb.py requiring version 1.