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Is there any further documentation on the API endpoints available? I’ve managed to piece together enough from the existing documentation but it feels like I should be able to do so much more if I knew everything it supported ( or at least I could rule it out )



Hi @Alan_Hollis - do you mind sharing what information specifically you are looking for?

There’s nothing really specifically. But for example I was uploading annotations and the error response code showed me that there was an overwrite flag I could use.

Also I’m not sure if there’s a “format” argument so I could specific yolo/darknet txt files etc, I assume it’s auto-worked out by the extension, but there’s no clear documentation.

It also feels like there’s more stuff that’s likely available but not documented ( could be way off the mark here ) like being able to move an image from one split to another?

Heard - sorry for the inconvenience. I’ll share this feedback with the team.

I know there is a more detailed API reference in our Python package docs - not exactly what you’re looking for, but the code there should give more insight into existing capabilities of our endpoints.

@Alan_Hollis - there is also more documentation in the roboflow CLI

Hi @Alan_Hollis, to answer this specific question, in the REST API, annotation formats are auto-detected and we don’t have a way to specify formats at this time.

The roboflow import CLI command and the import_dataset method in the Roboflow Python function convert the dataset from the specified format into Pascal VOC and then pass it through to the API.

Is there a reason you are wanting to specify a format? Are you having trouble with the API recognizing your annotation files?

Thanks guys.

The reason for the annotation ask was I originally tried to load annotations in yolo txt format but when I had multiline files it didn’t work.

I guessed VOC must be the default so tried converting from yolo to Voc and that worked perfectly.

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