Some segmentation polygons are shifted after applying data augmentations

Hi. After applying augmentation I noticed that some segmentation masks in my dataset are shifted. What could I do with that?

My dataset is public and here is the link: Sign in to Roboflow

You can preview images in this specific version and find shifted masks. One example is the image with name " PostBarcode016.jpg".

Thank you for attention. I would really appreciate if you would help to figure out why this is happening

Hi @gfx73

Sorry to hear you’re having issues. Let’s get that solved.

Could you please share your project’s Universe link? The address with is private. You can access your project’s Universe page by clicking the View on Universe link.

Hi @leo

After having a closer look it appears that the problem comes from “shear” augmentation. I have two versions of the dataset: with shear and without it. The difference is visible in images preview.

I hope this link is publicly available: barcodes Instance Segmentation Dataset by project-4nztg

Thank you for your attention!

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