Segment mask disappear after auguementation

This is my dataset: anime_person_seg Instance Segmentation Dataset by narugo1992

In the dataset viewing section, it can be observed that all 11 images have precise segmentation edge annotations. However, in the generated version “init” with data augmentation applied, most of the annotation information is lost.

This is dataset explore page

And this is the dataset it actually generated, few of the images still have their mark

Here is more information I just tested:

  • When I remove all the auguements, this issue is still here.
  • When I remove all the auguements and preprocessings, it’s okay again.
  • When I use resize preprocessing (without any auguments), the same issue appear.
  • When I add some of the auguements (without any preprocessings), some of the images’ mark is gone.

So, I guess that some preprocessing and auguement stage is not compitable with segment task.

I filed an issue here: Segment mask disappear after auguementation · Issue #14 · roboflow/external-bugtracker · GitHub