Save detected image with bounding boxes

Hiw do i save image to local folder when object is detected (bounding box is shown)

Hi @Jaishankar_Vetrivel

It depends on how advanced of a use case this is.

  • If you are looking for a single annotated image, it might be quickest to upload it to the relevant model page on Universe or the Roboflow app and take a screenshot. Here’s the model page on an example project. Or you can generate images via the example web app, also found on the model page under “More Deployment Resources”.
  • If you are looking for an annotated result image via API, you should look into the object detection hosted API.
    • If you send a request with a query parameter format set to image, it will return an annotated image prediction instead of a JSON array (which is otherwise the default)
    • Some relevant query options for generating annotated images via API are stroke and labels, as well as the usual overlap and confidence query params.
  • If you are looking for more granular and advanced annotated images, look into using our Supervision package.