Roboflow model offline

Custom Object Detection :
MacOS 14.0

Hello There,

I am doing one project on crowd counting regarding this I used Crowd density estimation Object Detection Dataset and Pre-Trained Model by Mohd Zeeshan this dataset as in model when I upload the video files its giving me expected output but when I try to export that dataset as YOLOv8 and custom train using YOLOv8’s official custom training colab notebook and get model from that with 50 or 100 epochs and run on local machine with simple python script its not giving me expected outputs.

I tried doing from Utilities and then Annotate Predictions now this time it works as expected but is very very slow like 1 frame per 3 seconds. so I want to know is there any way I can download the model you use in model section or which YOLO version you use? I actually want the same output I see in Model section. so how to achieve this?

Thanks in advance!