Roboflow.js - Issue with loading weight/model from google storage

Hi Roboflow,

We have a major issue when we use roboflow.js and the script load our model from, the loading was blocked by the CORS Policy of the Google bucket,

Project type : Object detection
OS: Win11, Win10, MacOS, all browser
We use the same version of roboflow.js from the demo page :
I put you the same problem that we encounter directly from the webcam demo available on roboflow:

Can you help us ?
We have a production version online too and our customers no longer have access to our features and this is very annoying


Is this a Roboflow Train model, or a custom-trained model with uploaded weights?

Does the webcam model work for any other trained versions on the project?

This is a Roboflow Train model
No trained versions on the project work with the webcam/roboflow.js

I tested them all using the “Use your webcam” (Realtime in your browser) button.

Everything was working fine yesterday, but since today the web_model/group1-shard1of2.bin and web_model/group1-shard2of2.bin no longer load with Roboflow.js because of the CORS rule that Google returns

This issue was just fixed by the Roboflow engineering team.

For those that see this - please reply to this thread with any further issues.