OBS Controller - trouble loading model

Hey All, I’m very close to finishing the Open Source OBS project from Roboflow. Github link.

I’ve been through the docs and the video multiple times and believe I have everything done. js file is updated, scenes made in OBS, model trained. BUT, I’m seeing this window which hangs on “Loading Model…” in Chrome (on Intel mac) even with OBS (version 30.0.2) and Virtual Camera running. I’m quite certain I need to deploy the model. I haven’t done that yet but it’s not called out as a step in the docs or video.

Here’s a screen grab of the errors Chrome is throwing off


Am I correct? Also, for a non-engineer (me) any suggestions on the easiest way to deploy this thing…goal is just to play/demo for a bit.

Here’s the link to the project: OBS Test Object Detection Dataset and Pre-Trained Model by Test

Appreciate the assist.


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