Roboflow development models are limited to 5 monthly devices. Please contact sales to upgrade to Pro and deploy your app

Hi @imagidan - what workspace are you referring to?

I’m not seeing any devices triggered on your workspace.

And there are components of the deploy system we’re working on to address that - what deployment method were you using, exactly?


I’m having the same issue. I’m developing on a single device while using different browser, I sometimes use Edge or Chrome for testing my model. Does this count as multiple device? Could my account be reset as well?

Thanks a lot.

Hi @Mohamed i have the same issue can you reset mine as well? thank you.

Hi @Fernando_Lagahit, the limit has been reset for you

@Kennethx54 I’ve reset your device limit.

The switching of browsers is adding devices. A new browser is seen as a new device with roboflow.js Deploy

Changing of IP address will also cause the device limit to go up.

By the way, are you only interested in web browser deployment?

I want to add that for testing purposes, more local deploy options are available, and should help with the device limits: Local Deploy - Roboflow | Launch: Test Computer Vision Models Locally

  • as a note, the options for local deploy in those 2 links are not limited to web-browsers — the weights (model) will still run locally on your device

Thanks Mohamed!

As of now, web browser deployment is all I need but I will look into the documents that you recommend, thank you! For the meantime, how can I prevent maxing out my device limit if I have a dynamic IP because of my ISP?

Switching IP addresses, browsers, devices, or clearing your cookies or cache before loading the model again will trigger a new device.

I’ve made it so that while we look at ways to work with dynamic ISP, your deploy limits should be fine for your current project. Just ping us if anything else occurs -, or this thread.

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Hi, i am getting this alert too as i am only a local host and no one has else has access. Please help as i have to give a demo tomorrow.

Hi @Mohamed , I’m also facing the same issue. Could you reset if for me?

Hi @Nathan_H this has been reset for you

Hi @Usman_Ali this has been reset for you, with a few training credits due to the run up to your presentation

Hi @Mohamed - I’m getting these same message - even Today (start of month) i see the message, which makes no sense. Previously you ‘reset’ my account to accommodate more ‘devices’ - can you have a quick look? I’ve not been able to access or show this Roboflow demo…

@Mohamed. I am getting a device limit message through device deployment. I only have one device used between 2 pi’s and a pc. -M

Hi @Mohamed I ran into the same problem again ,could you please look into it again.

Hi @Mohamed, I have the same issue even though I only use one device.

@Anisa_khanum @ramsaym @brentfalcon @Théo_Ortmans - i have reset device counts for each of you

Hi @Mohamed ,
I’ve encountered the same issue, I guess by changing the wifi.
Could you please reset my device count?

Hi @Mohamed, I have the same issue can you help with it.

@Mohamed Hi there - I’m also facing the same issue - are you able to help us out?

We’re using RoboflowJS locally - is there any way to work around the limit when using this?

@Mohamed hi, i have run into the same issue, can you help me out