I need a reset of my devices due to "device limit" but I don't know where to get help

I am using code generated by Roboflow for the Luxonis OAK D camera.

I have had 2 people run the code on their computers, and when I tried to do it on mine, it gave me and error stating “This model endpoint is over your the device limit of your workspace” and I need to ask someone for help.

I thought that there was a limit of 5 devices so I believe the code should have worked for me…

I think there should be a proper warning for users, that after a certain amount of people run the code, it will not work for anyone else, even if the other users don’t use the code anymore.

I tried to contact the sales department but no one reached out.
I hope I can get someone to assist me here.
Thank you!

Device limits have been reset.

Hi Mohammed,

Thank you for responding but I tried the “version 2” model and it still said I have still reached my device limit. Please let me know what I can do.

I’m not seeing any device limits that were hit on the current workspaces under your forum email. What message are you seeing?

And can you send an email to help@roboflow.com with the link to your last message, name of the workspace, and your account email, so I can double-check I reset the correct workspace?