Renaming workspace

I see some documentation about renaming a workspace at Renaming workspace & workspace-settings.
I also see one community help topic for this feature - #132.

But the renaming feature is not available anymore.

Here’s a screenshot of my landing page.

Hi Sujit - thank you for bringing this up. We are working to add this feature back into the updated navigation bar experience and plan to have it done soon.

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Thanks @trevorhlynn , I look forward to the update.

@trevorhlynn While you are working on adding this feature back, could you please rename my workspace from the backend?
It’s called ‘cv-demo-projects’.
I want to name it ‘sujit’.

Also, please share documentation for naming conventions in Roboflow, if there’s any.

I’ll check with our team to see if I am able to do this.

@sujit we’ve added the rename workspace feature back! you can access it at the top right of the settings page, by going to Sign in to Roboflow.

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Awesome. Thank you!