Relabel images

I want to relabel my images. How do I get the pre-selected images label deleted in the datatset? It is tedious to remove the existing boxes for each individual image in order to be able to relabel them

I don’t want to delete the images, I just want to relabel them

Hi @staebchen0

@Lenny gave a correct answer here. There are two ways to annotate the images so that you can relabel them.

One solution is to “delete” the respective job in the Dataset column in the Annotate page.

We understand this might be unintuitive and we will change it soon, but the Delete Job button, when the job is in the Dataset column, sends it back unannotated to the Unassigned column. It won’t be deleted from the project. You can confirm this in the deletion confirmation message:

Another method is to export a version with no augmentation and preprocessing steps to get unaltered images, which you can label in a newer project.

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