I will have two questions. I would appreciate it if you could help. First, is the modify classes property included in the second package? Another is that I bought the paid package and completed all the trainings. I deployed with the API, can I continue to use this model when the package expires?

Hi @Meryem_D - Modify Classes is included in the Public/Community tier, and is also included in paid plans. Are you on a Starter Plan, and missing the feature? I’m able to look into it for you.

If you’re not in a Starter plan, what workspace type are you in?

Next - if you’re using hosted deployment from Roboflow, examples 1 and 2, the number of available deployment devices will change when you downgrade plans; you’d lose the ability to deploy continually to the edge, outside of simple development tests; and other extended features added as part of the plan.

There is the option to convert to a Public/Community workspace to retain features like Modify Classes, and more deployment devices.

If you’re running inference via API, there is API-based pricing available. The first 1,000 calls each month are free on unpaid-plans.

If there’s more info or action required specific to your situation, I recommend filing a sales form or contacting your onboarding rep for custom details: Contact Roboflow Sales

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