POC to measure the dimension of the Warehouse Carton box and pallets

I am currently involved in a proof of concept (POC) project aimed at developing a system for detecting the dimensions of delivery packages as they move along conveyor belts in ecommerce warehouses. The goal of this project is to improve the management of warehouse operations by accurately measuring the dimensions of packages in real-time.

I am seeking assistance and advice from forum members on how best to implement this system. Specifically, I would like guidance on selecting the appropriate computer vision algorithms, image processing techniques, and hardware components needed for this project. Any insights or experiences shared would be greatly appreciated as I work towards developing a successful solution for dimension detection in ecommerce warehouses."

Hi Bala- Here is a blog about measuring items using computer vision: Dimension Measurement with Computer Vision

I would be best to use an instance segmentation model to find the dimensions of the box. Also, you will need a reference item to compare.

Let me know if you have any questions!